I am photographically attracted to everything that is climatically surprising, phenomenal, atmospheric. The transience of light and colour, the filigree and impermanence of things, the eye-catching sensual detail, the barely perceptible subtlety of a drawing, the clarity of a line, the architecture of a detail, a reflection, a ray of light, an understated chiaroscuro, but also a refined movement or trace of movement. I am attracted to any passion that enriches and purifies my world.

I love the shadow, the darkness, its sadness and melancholy. But I like the sun even more, I like its light because it gives life, progress, dynamism. I like to photograph what comes from the sun. I don’t care at all that someone sees kitsch in a sunny disc. Because what category is that? A photographer, if he photographs with his whole self, organically, sincerely – he doesn’t have to pretend anything. He doesn’t have to be ashamed that he likes the view of the sun at sunrise and sunset. The freedom of the creator means that he can listen to his inner voice and follow his intuition. In fact, he should listen to it the most!

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