Heartbeat of the Primeval Forest. DVD

Series idea, screenplay and commentary: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Cinematography: Jan Walencik, Krystian Matysek
Assistant: Krzysztof Komar
Sound: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik, Ewa Salecka
Music: Ireneusz Dreger
Lectors: Krystyna Czubówna, Bengt Scotland
Editing: Bożena i Jan Walencik
Sound engineering: Włodzimierz Kazimierczak
Production organization: Sławomir Boniecki
Co-operation: Białowieża National Park
Direction: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Producer: Telewizja Polska S.A. (Polish Television)
Lead time: 1993–1995

Duration of Parts I–V: 148′
Image after digital reconstruction: HD 16:9, PAL
Sound: Polish – Dolby Digital 5.1, English– Dolby Digital 2.0
Lector: Polish, English
Subtitles: English
A revitalized digital copy was made at the Documentation and Program Collections Center of TVP S.A.
Publisher: Telewizja Polska S.A. (Polish Television)  2015 

QUOTE. Obverse and reverse of the cover of the DVD release of Heartbeat of the Primeval Forest. Graphic design and photographs by Jan Walencik. Source: TVP.

QUOTE. Print of the DVD of Heartbeat of the Primeval Forest. Graphic design and photography by Jan Walencik. Source: TVP

QUOTE. Examples of freeze-frames from the disc menu. Source: TVP.

You can buy the DVDs (in Polish and English) directly from the series producer and publisher ( Polish Television) – follow the link to the product:

DVDs are also available from many other online shops. To get an idea of what they have to offer, just type the phrase Heartbeat of the Primeval Forest dvd into your browser, or Tętno pierwotnej puszczy dvd (in Polish).