Saga of the Ancient Forest. Part II: The Tale of an Ant. Lonely in the Crowd

Duration: 52’ 00”   
Original format: 16:9 SD
Format after the revitalization: 16: 9 HD
Sound: 5.1, 2.0

Series idea, screenplay and direction: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Cinematography: Jan Walencik
Assistants: Andrzej Muśko, Bogusław Chyła
Sound: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Sound effects: Jan Walencik
Narrator’s tale: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Narrator: Krzysztof Gosztyła
Music: Michał Lorenc
Orchestration: Tadeusz Karolak, Michał Lorenc
Performing music: Polish Radio Orchestra, Marek Wroński Orchestra
Conductor: Tadeusz Karolak
Soloists: Cezary Konrad – percussion instruments, Krzysztof Bednarczyk – trumpet, Lubomir Jarosz – trumpet
Recording and ripping music: Rafał Paczkowski
Music consultation: Małgorzata Przedpełska-Bieniek
Image and sound editing: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik
Assembly cooperation: Maciej Walencik
Image post-production: The Chimney Pot, Jędrzej Sabliński – Producer, Zofia Bieńkowska – Production organization, Piotr Sasim – Color correction, Wiktor Sasim – Negative transfer, Andrzej Kowalski – On-line assembly, Paweł Falkowski – Credits
Sound post-production: Supra Film Zbigniew Malecki – Sound realization and development
Collaboration: Andrzej Kowal – Technology coordination
Production organization: Krzysztof Komar
Collaboration: Jerzy Jakutowicz
Laboratory: Documentary and Feature Film Studio in Warsaw
Negative: Kodak Vision Super 16
Animal breeding: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik. Krzysztof Komar
Balloon pilot: Jerzy Czerniawski
Powered hang glider pilot: Zbigniew Kędziora
Co-operation: Białowieża National Park, Ministry of Education
Lead Editor: Ewa Chrabąszcz-Smoczyńska


In a starring role: Wymyślona (Imagined), the ant Formica polyctena
Doubles: nearly a hundred ants from a half-million-year-old colony Formica polyctena
Film crew: Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik, Krzysztof Komar, Andrzej Muśko
Sawers: employees of Kazimierz Świertoka’s Forestry Services Plant

The authors would like to thank the following for their help in making the film: employees of the Białowieża National Park, Białowieża Forest District, Hajnówka Forest District, Browsk Forest District, Wojciech Czechowski, Anna and Lech Krzysztofiak, Ewa J. Godzińska, Anna Szczuka, Julita Korczyńska, Jerzy Wiśniewski, Jacek Wąsiński, Volunteer Fire Brigade in Białowieża. Special thanks to Zofia Żukowska

Production: Film Agency for Program 1 of TVP S.A.
Lead time: 2000–2008
End of production: 2008 (end of series production: 2009)
Revitalization to HD: 2015–2016
Premiere: 03.10.2010

Frames from the film (QUOTES).

For years since I started filming, this thought has been torturing me: What does it feel like to be a wild animal? A wolf, raven, bison, beaver, or ant? To overstep the boundaries of feeling of man and animal. To find in myself the purest ability to see, hear, and feel. Unafraid of the wildness of the forest, to feel being its part, the unbridled wildness.

QUOTE. Excerpt from the film Saga of the Ancient Forest. Part II: The Tale of an Ant. Lonely in the Crowd. Directed by Bożena Walencik, Jan Walencik. Source: TVP.

A citizen of the system, just one ant in a million-strong community of a giant anthill – IMAGINED – SHE tries at all costs to fulfill the role assigned to HER in the hierarchy. Like a nightmarish camp of mad labor, in this perfect community the individual is nothing. Even the specter of anthill annihilation does not change this relationship. IMAGINED’s unexpected isolation turns into HER drama. Only HER…

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